Yes, Paulina Gretzky Was At The Deadmau5 Concert In Las Vegas Last Weekend


Guess Wayne Gretzky hasn’t pulled the line of credit to his daughter Paulina. Those leg spreader photos that stunned the Internet last week must not have phased fazed the Great One because his she was still in Vegas this past weekend for a DeadMau5 set. Maybe Wayne is too worried about the NHL playoffs? Maybe at this point he’s just said the hell with it. Maybe at this point he’s just hoping she doesn’t get knocked up by some d-bag DJ.

So much drama! 

As for Paulina’s next move to clear her name from salacious Vegas pool party rumor, she’s hitting the interview circuit.

Had a great time doing my interview with @ComplexMag. Remember, there are two sides to every story ;)

Can’t wait for this. As if people want her to stop partying. Not us. Wayne Gretzky’s daughter spreading her legs is good for business. Next time take this action to the Crazy Horse and she’ll blow up the Internet.

*We’ve included a couple extra pics of Paulina at the clubs in L.A. this week. You’ll be able to distinguish those photos from the ones at the DeadMau5 show where she’s wearing mouse ears. Yes, that’s Wayne’s son in the Kings hat.

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