WTF? OKC Thunder Dancers Shot A Bikini Calendar In An Oklahoma Stream! [PHOTOS]


You might remember last summer when BC blasted the Indianapolis Colts for shooting a bikini calendar along the banks of the Ohio River – driftwood, tires, sludge and all. It was easily the worst locale for a bikini calendar shoot in our years of doing this gig. Then, last week while perusing the Oklahoma City Thunder dancers photo galleries, we happened upon the 2nd worst bikini calendar locale.

Some river bed in the middle of BFE, Oklahoma.

Yes, these photos are from last September. That’s beside the point. Your focus should be on the location. This is Turner Falls in the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma. One look at a Google Maps search and you can come to the conclusion that the locale was in the middle of nowhere and about as far from the beaches of Aruba as you can get.

The issue here is that these ladies dream of a couple things when they tryout for an NBA dance team: (1.) Shakin’ it for James Harden, (2.) parlaying the Thunder gig into a modeling career for local car dealerships, and (3.) to get a free five-day trip to some exotic locale to shoot a bikini calendar.

The message to NBA & NFL cheerleading teams is to stop this madness. You cheap asses can afford to put a dozen cheerleaders on a plane for a week. Stop sending them to the Ohio River and some river swamp in BFE, Oklahoma.

Enough already.

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