Um, Bret Bielema Didn’t Tell Wife Jen He Was A Coach For Four Months After Vegas


So we happened upon a video this afternoon, while waiting on our wedding gift thank you note, of Bret Bielema’s new 27-year-old bride, Jen, on some stupid local news broadcast dishing on her new life as a wife to the most important man in Wisconsin. It was sorta your usual fluff garbage from local TV and then Jen dropped a nugget that shocked us. Bret didn’t tell her what his job was for the first four months.

How is this even remotely possible? Well, they did meet in Vegas.

Posted: May 3, 2012

Premise of Video: The good stuff gets rolling at the 1:45 mark. How they met in Vegas, how she didn’t know what he did for a living for four months, etc. How is that even possible? First thing going through a woman’s mind when meeting a dude in Vegas has to be on money. Don’t even bullshit us, ladies. We know what’s going on in that melon.

Climax of Video: You meet a guy in Vegas and don’t ask him what he does for a living? And the guy looks like Bielema? Calling bullshit on this one.

Conclusion: Nope, the dumb news lady didn’t ask her about that egg timer BC bought for the lovely couple. And we’re still waiting on the thank you. Even that dumb broad Kim Kardashian had an intern write us a nice note for the napkin we bought her.

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