Dumbest Smart Asian Kid On Jeopardy; That’s Not Aaron Rodgers, Moron! [VIDEO]


Just when you figure Asian kids growing up in States would catch on to our great sports heroes, Kevin comes along on Jeopardy’s Teen Week and destroys that myth. Watch as Kevin acts like a smartass and buzzes in on this “Super Bowl MVP” photo clue. (Hint: It’s Eli Manning).

If there’s one thing goofy white kids can still kick an Asian’s ass, it’s in stupid sports trivia.

Posted: April 9, 2012

Premise of Video: Jeopardy. Asian bro. He’s going up against Rose; she’s obviously book smart but couldn’t tell you how to run drugs from Northern Michigan to Miami, Florida. Then there is some bro with a weird name. He seems to be overwhelmed.

Climax of Video: It’s not Aaron Rodgers, you worthless idiot. Go solve cancer, or something.

Conclusion: -900 his name isn’t Kevin. Best bet of the week.

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