Dancers Of The NBA Playoffs: Clippers’ Katrina Has Nursing Dreams! [PHOTOS]

Meet Clippers dancer Katrina.

Can you imagine someone this hot walking into your hospital room in a nurse’s outfit? You just know the dirty old man would be BEGGING for a quick sponge bath. They better keep her off the cardiac floors. She’d do more damage than good up there. I’m guessing the heart monitors would start beeping off the charts every time she walked down the hall.

If the whole nursing thing doesn’t pan out, though, it looks like Katrina has a back-up plan. She calls herself the “CEO of Glam Girls.” I have no idea what that means, but judging by their website it’s a company that has something to do with getting really hot chick jobs. Can’t see that business ever struggling. In a town like L.A., I have a feeling she is always going to be able to find some local business that needs a hottie or two to pour drinks, wear skimpy outfits or just walk around and be, well, hot.

Solid business plan! Looks like I got into the wrong profession.

Know Your Dancers of the NBA Playoffs: Crystal

• Katrina is a 3 year Clippers vet (check out her Clippers bio)

• She used to be a San Diego Chargers Girl

• You can follow Katrina on Twitter