Sad, Sad Times For Greg Oden; Now Eating Bong Water NYC Meat Missiles


Deadspin has a piece today on how OSU tell-all walk-on journo Mark Titus is rapping about how Greg Oden became an alcoholic, was offered work in the porn world and had to be dragged out of his house after the dong photos ended up on the Internet. Someone get Titus a full-time ESPN gig – stat. Anyway, Oden’s life and times are well documented on BC.

He’s now so down-and-out that trips to NYC include stops at the meat missile cart.

FOX & Friends host Dave Briggs was walking down the street the other day and look what he found.

You never know who’s around the corner in NYC…BAM there’s former No. 1 pick Greg Oden grabbing a dog!

This is at 1:20 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon. So, so sad.

On the same trip he was photographed with some guy who goes by @BOBBYXTREME and claims to book Dennis Rodman and Jose Canseco at clubs. Guess being a sideshow at the clubs will be Oden’s new gig. Seems to be working out well for Canseco.

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