Milwaukee, We Are Replacing Front Row Amy With Front Row Ashley – TODAY!


A few weeks ago while doing some research on the First Lady of Milwaukee baseball, we noticed that the infamous Front Row Amy was selling her seat to several Brewers’ games. She wouldn’t be attending. Had other plans. Suddenly the idea popped into my head. What if we replaced Front Row Amy with a hot chick of our choosing? How would Milwaukee react to a Playboy model sitting in Amy’s seat? Would there be a revolt?

Yep, we’re going to find out on Wednesday against the Reds.

Who: Ashley Ilenfeld (@ashleyilenfeld), a 25-year-old fashion and entertainment model who has several Playboy credits on her resume including: Casting Calls #96, Playboy Fresh Faces, Nudes August 2011 and Best of Casting Calls 2010. Ashley is also Ms. Coed of the Year 2006.

What: Front Row Amy couldn’t catch the game so we’re sending in a smokeshow replacement.

When: Brewers-Reds game, Wednesday, May 9 with a 1:10 p.m. EST first pitch. (Cueto vs. Greinke)

Why: Because we feel that baseball is much more enjoyable when you can combine a hot chick behind home plate, Twitter, and human reaction. In no certain terms, this is a case study. Can we teach Ashley, a baseball rookie, about the sport in just 9 innings?

How: We’ll be using the hashtag #TweetHerSeat.

Busted Coverage has been preaching that baseball hasn’t done enough to incorporate hot chicks into the fabric of the sport so let’s see what happens when BC does it for them.


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