Brandon Inge Caroms Home Run Blast Off Rays’ Fan’s Nuts & Into Chick’s Face! [VIDEO]


How good of a shot is Brandon Inge with a home run blast? He did this during Sunday’s A’s-Rays game in Tampa. What we have here is the normal HR fan reaction. A baseball is incoming and arms go up. What many guys forget is that they’re one carom away from taking a shot to the nuts. That’s exactly what happens with the Inge blast.

As for the woman, should’ve had your hands up.

Posted: May 7, 2012

Premise of Video: The headline should’ve ironed this one out. It’s a quick video. Probably not worth getting fired from the job, but still something you’ll want to watch at lunch.

Climax of Video: Baseball > Nuts> Face

Conclusion: Look at the reaction on the kid’s face behind ball-to-the-face chick. Priceless.

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