Better Cheerleader Butts At National Cherry Blossom Parade: Wizards Or Skins? [PHOTOS]

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is supposed to commemorate some Japanese dude giving us a cherry tree back in the early 1900’s. Now it’s just an excuse to have a parade and watch the Shriner’s drive their annoying little cars in circles. This year, however, they decided to kick things up a notch in the nation’s capitol and invite the Washington Redskins and Washington Wizards cheerleaders. Wise move, parade organizers, wise move.

As you can tell by these wonderful shots, the cheerleaders brought just the right amount of sexy, whimsy and short skirt to the party. Not much, not too little. I’m guessing there was more than one dad secretly snapping pics as the girls twirled around and then spending the evening “sorting” the parade pics!

Hat tip to Binh The Nguyen for the pics!!!