BC Reader Builds OKC Thunder Beer Pong Table With Automatic Ball Washer!

BC reader Shawn C. sent an email this afternoon announcing that his Oklahoma City Thunder beer pong table is ready to debut on the Internet. This isn’t just another beer pong table, according to Shawn. “I built an OKC Thunder Beer Pong Table with an Automatic Ball Washer, LED Lights, 5 speakers and a 10in Sub. It is all parts ridiculous, but was a pretty fun build.”

Did he just say automatic ball washer? Yes, he did. Top sign you’re growing up and ready to settle down in life? You engineer an automatic ball washer into your beer pong table. Of course Shawn is engaged. That means he has to balance still being a guy who needs to have nights with the bros and show his future wife that he’s evolving as a person.

Hence, the ball washer. Clutch move, Shawn.

Update: Shawn explains the water washing system.

The water tanks are removable so the legs can fold up and the table hangs on the wall… would be pretty nasty shit if it just stayed in there.
The tanks have a water pump that pumps water up to the side where you put the ball in and the valve just pulls off.

[More Photos of Shawn’s Beer Pong Table]  [OKC Thunder Beer Pong Specs]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fuiocaov-c]

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