Is This Braves/Reds Fan Doing Tomahawk Chop At Furman Baseball Game A Little Retarded? [VIDEO]

Is there anything more annoying than attending a Furman college baseball game over the weekend and some guy wearing a Braves jersey and Reds hat is breaking the silence with a continuous Tomahawk Chop? Big question here: Are there a couple of screws loose or is this guy for real with this act? Going with mildly retarded because the Reds cap doesn’t really fit into this equation.

And why doesn’t mom tell him to shut up or at least take away the weaponry?

Posted: May 6, 2012

Premise of Video: Furman’s nickname is the Paladins. According to Wikipedia: The paladins and their associated exploits are largely later fictional inventions, with some basis on historical Frankish retainers of the 8th century and events such as the Battle of Roncevaux Pass and the confrontation of the Frankish Empire with Umayyad Al-Andalus in the Marca Hispanica.

Climax of Video: The old coot in the front row doesn’t even budge from watching the next pitch. Impressive.

Conclusion: Pick a favorite team, d-bag.

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