Erin Andrews Trying To 3 Goggle At Derby But That Stupid Hat Is In The Way [PHOTOS]

Remember a few years ago how every blog ran the GIF of Erin Pageviews destroying a sub/hoagie at a football game? It was one of the Internet’s proud moments. Flash-forward to Saturday on the red carpet before the Kentucky Derby. Pageviews decides this would be the perfect time to throw up the 3 Goggles, because, you know, she’s in Kentucky and the basketball team is right behind her.

Yes, then she tweeted this hilarity.

Trying to work the 3 goggles on the red carpet with the Wildcats looking on

Jesus Christ, keep giving up these gems on the red carpet. Last year she was slicing throats with possibly the widest Derby hat in years. Now she’s 3 Goggling. Was someone pregaming? You dirty sideline reporter.

We bust EA’s balls quite often, but ever since that Super Bowl GQ party video she did for Busted Coverage her career has been taking off.



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