Dancers Of The NBA Playoffs: Hawks’ Crystal Hopkins Is A Country Singer! [PHOTOS]

These days pretty much every hot chick thinks she can be a singer. I call this the Justin Beiber effect. Just because some random Canadian kid got discovered on MySpace, now everyone thinks they are a star ready to shine. It doesn’t really work that way, folks. But Atlanta Hawks dancer Crystal Hopkins seems to actually have some talent (see for yourself). I’m not really into the country scene, but I do know enough to realize that a hot girl with a modicum of singing ability can make it in Nashville these days.

Honestly, I’m rooting for Crystal because once she hits the big time everyone is going to remember when I introduced them to the next Carrie Underwood. And you thought I only had an eye for cheerleader talent!

Know Your Dancers of the NBA Playoffs: Crystal

• This is Crystal’s rookie year with the Hawks (check out her video profile)

• Crystal already has a Facebook fan page for her singing career

• She even has a Model Mayhem profile or you can hit her up on Twitter

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