Can I Get A ‘Roll Tide’ Up In This Mother*#&^ing Decatur, Alabama Jail? [Cuff ‘Em]

Couple weeks back we were getting sh*t from Auburn fans who thought we were picking on them for being a bunch of dirty rednecks. Like we would actually be picking on the school where Cam Newton won a BCS championship. We love BCS schools that are passionate, a little redneck-y and willing to wear their school colors during mugshots at the county jail.

Today we visit the Decatur, AL jail. Roll Tide!

Via The Huntsville Times:

Derrick Andrew Mills, 24, of Decatur, was charged with first-degree burglary Thursday. Mills was booked at the Decatur City Jail and transferred to Morgan County Jail, where he’s being held on a $10,000 bond.

According to police, Mills was involved in a home burglary Jan. 12 on the 1800 block of 8th Street in Decatur where he stole many items, including a laptop computer. Mills name was given to Decatur Police Wednesday when the victim of the home burglary who recalled the suspect’s identity.

See, Auburn Fan, we’re not picking sides in this fight you have with Alabama. If we see some Alabama dirty redneck’s booking photo, it’s getting posted. Just what we do. Our dream is a security video screencap of a cross-dressing Ohio State fan robbing that sex shop on the Michigan campus. Keep your eyes open.

[Decatur police nab man for January home burglary]

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