Busted Coverage Live From UFC On Fox 3: Diaz VS. Miller [Live Updates]


What is it like to go to a UFC event in New Jersey on Cinco de Mayo? Lots of guys drinking $8 beers calling for either fighter to break someone’s neck and the always cheerful “Rangers Suck” chants ring down. These pseudo tough guys are here to see blood, epic knockouts and the lovely Arianny Celeste stride around the Octagon. It’s New Jersey. Expect something crazy to happen over the next four hours.

We’re in Row 1, Seat A for tonight’s UFC on Fox 3.

Miller vs. Diaz

Miller, the hometown favorite, never stood a chance against the longer Diaz who used his reach to unleash a huge volley on punches early in the 2nd round and finished him via choke. Probably not the best opponent to put up against Diaz as the main event for a Fox fight.

Controversial Judges Decision of the Night

Johny Hendricks

The lesson for Josh Koscheck tonight in New Jersey? Don’t let fights go to the judges. A split decision, 29-28 Hendricks, gives the welterweight a four victory streak and might be enough to get him a shot at GSP’s belt. Koscheck had gone on a wild rant against the media this week over his age and some sort of belief that there was some sort of age bias against him. The guy will be 35 in November, possibly making this the end of the road if he wants to ever win the welterweight title he had in his hands at UFC 124 before losing a decision to GSP.

Classic Rock Entrance Music of the Night

Alan Belcher

The guy came into the octagon via the sweet sounds of Jimi Hendrix classic Little Wing. Belcher then went out and got into a ground battle with leg snapper Rousimar Palhares. Four or five forearms later and Belcher had himself an impressive TKO midway into the first round. This is Belcher’s fourth consecutive UFC victory dating back to 2009.

Your Newest UFC Heavyweight Badass

Lavar Johnson

We’ve now seen Johnson in person during two UFC on Fox events and the guy has blasted two straight opponents. Tonight it was Pat Barry getting trucked. Johnson unleashed a barrage of punches late in the first as Barry crumbled via devastating blows to the head. Johnson is now 17-5 in his career and 2-0 in the UFC.

Johnson said after the fight:

“This feels great to get another win here. I’m a big fan of Pat, so I was really excited when we made this fight happen. With our styles, I knew it would end like this for one of us. The fight got off the ground and it ended up where I wanted it to and I was able to do exactly what I did to Beltran. Pat didn’t go out as easily, but I hit him with a big shot that finally put him away.”

Bat Shit Crazy Spinning Back Kicks Of The Night

Tim Elliott

Even in a loss, UFC newcomer and late replacement to fight John Dodson, Elliott won over fans via a wide variety of spinning kicks, many of which failed to land. The fight was stopped twice, once after it appeared Elliott was poked in the eye and another time when he was hit with a blow to jewels. Dodson’s record after the win is 13-5 and 2-0 in the UFC.

How Not To Eat A Knee To The Face:

Pascal Krauss

In his fight with John Hathaway, near the end of the third round, Krauss was caught with a knee to the face that caused a solid blood geyser. Hathaway got the unanimous decision, making his career MMA record 16-1.

“I’m ecstatic that I got this win! I was able to drop him a few times and he recovered quickly, so I knew I had to capitalize on any opportunity that I got. I’m working all areas of my game and I felt quicker, stronger and more aggressive in this fight. I’ve been successful in this division so far, and I’m ready to keep pushing forward.”

Best Finish of the Night (so far):

Louis Gaudinot

Gaudinot put John Lineker to sleep via choke. Lineker stayed on the mat for at least 2-3 minutes after being finished off by crowd favorite Gaudinot. Fighting out of Hoboken, sporting wild green hair and an obvious crowd favorite, Gaudinot pushes his MMA record to 6-2.

“I have nothing but respect for John, he’s shown a lot of class all week. We were here to bang tonight and I think we proved that the flyweights belong and that we can excite the crowd. I heard the crowd go nuts and I loved it! I didn’t think I had enough time to get the choke in, but I went ahead and went for it anyway. I locked it in tight and I felt him go out and told the ref that it was over. My family and friends were here tonight and I knew I had to put on a show for them and definitely think we did. Hell of a way to get my first UFC win!”

[Photo via @ariannyceleste]

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