Wait, Deion Sanders Has A Kitchen In His Master Bathroom? And Dishwasher?


Just happened to be surfing around some of our real estate friend’s sites today and noticed a very interesting tidbit from a tour Deion Sanders granted to a Dallas TV station of his 29,000 sq. ft. mansion. It seems that Deion actually has a kitchen in his master bedroom bathroom. That stainless steel thing you see? Yeah, it’s a fridge. Can you blame a guy? This is why rich people think they’re better than you and I. Because they are & have fridges in the bathroom.

Deion wanted News 8 to see how he has to live while sharing a house with Pilar. We get to see how there’s a separate wing for each of them. Deion even has a giant lock on his bedroom.

But those tidbits compare to this palatial estate. We’re talking bowling alley lanes, indoor pool, a giant living room atrium, etc. Prime had the place on the market last year for $21,000,000 but seems to be cool with keeping it now. 

That said, enjoy going home to your sh*tty 1200 sq. ft. cracker box, fools.

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