Source: Kobe Bryant Disses Denver Tilted Kilt Waitresses Over Tattoos


We have boots on the ground in Denver this weekend for the Nuggets-Lakers series and they tell us Kobe Bryant might have pulled a Kobe move last night at the Tilted Kilt. Our ESPN TV sources tell us that the divorced Bryant had a particular problem with the waitresses at the notoriously busty brew pub. What was Kobe’s issue with the waitresses?

“(Kobe) refused the first two waitresses because they had tattoos,” our source tells us. We’re told that Kobe was in a private part of the Kilt and that waitresses working at the bar repeated this tale to the ESPN TV guys.

A quick look at Twitter tells us that there was a very slim commotion over Kobe’s night at the Kilt.

VENNI the VENOMOUS reported,

Word is Kobe Bryant is at the TiltedKilt! Resturant in Colorado wit blonde white girls? WRONG PLACE for THAT nigga to be! Lmfao!

That was followed by King giving the Kilt some press.

Kobe Bryant at the TiltedKilt with a bunch of white chicks…#NiggasDontLearn

At least one of the waitresses at the Denver Tilted Kilt knows something and can fill in the details. Step forward, ladies. We’re all ears.

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