Drunkest NASCAR Boot Beer Bonger Wearing Jorts Guy – EVER! [VIDEO]


The NASCAR boys were in Richmond, Virginia this past weekend and if there’s one thing we know about good ol’ boys from Virginia, they like their beer warm and smelling like foot fungus. Or at least one guy does. Our love affair with NASCAR fans is well documented. The fights. The drunks. The pickup truck swimming pools. All of those elements make us smile.

However, our new hero is Boot Beer Bonger! Straight improvising and gettin’ it!

Posted: April 29, 2012

Premise of Video: This really is from last weekend’s NASCAR race in Richmond. Boot Beer Bonger is obviously tired of the racing action and needs to figure out a way to entertain himself. He’s also quite thirsty. Who says these guys aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed?

Climax of Video: Yes, he just poured a beer into his own sweaty, disgusting boot. And down the hatch it goes.

Conclusion: Regretting this video now that he’s sober and back to reality? Are you kidding? Boot Beer Bonger doesn’t regret a single warm beer going down his throat. That would go against everything Boot Beer Bonger stands for. Straight gettin’ it! Das Boot!

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