One Of America’s Most Wanted (Michigan Fan) Being Arrested By Ohio State Fan


First of all, yes, the U.S. Marshals need to get with the times and release high-res images of these criminals they take off the streets. Get back to me, boys. High-res. 200 dpi. Anyway, big news from the law enforcement world – “Bobby Thompson” is off the streets. Dude stole millions from the U.S. Navy Veterans Association. Blah, blah, blah. Bad guy with bad intentions. Thief. In other news, look what this jabroni was wearing when he was arrested by OSU fan. 

According to the U.S. Marshals Service:

At approximately 10:30 pm (PST), the team apprehended “Thompson” outside a residence on 72nd St., NE in Portland where he has been living under one of his new fictitious names. Upon arrest, “Thompson” refused to make any statements. He appeared to be in poor physical condition and was walking with a cane. He was in possession of several false identification cards from Canada along with a backpack containing an undisclosed amount of cash. All of his possessions were taken as evidence and search warrants are being obtained for his residence. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is traveling to Portland to conduct further investigation. Investigators are still unsure of the true identity of “Thompson” and will be working on that as well as identifying his ongoing criminal activity. “Thompson” was transported to the Multnomah County Jail where he will await extradition to Northern Ohio.

Again, we could care less about the actual story. Our focus is on this crime scenario when OSU fan is leading Michigan fan to his holding cell. This is actually why I wake up in the morning. Instances. These little moments in time when worlds collide.

Michigan-Ohio State.

Cop vs. Criminal.

Just what the rivalry needs in early May to get everyone through the dark days of summer.

If you find a clearer photo of “Bobby Thompson” being led to his cell, let us know. And if you’re with the U.S. Marshals, we kid, but do send the high-res. People live for this sh*t.

[HT: @CleFan4Ever]

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