10 Greatest Sneakers In History According To Our New Shoe Editor


Welcome to our new feature, Busted Coverage Kicks, which will be an examination of all things sneakers. Our editor, Scot Drucker (@ScottyD30), happens to be a seven-year minor league pitcher who pitched in 71 AAA games and retired in 2011. The guy knows shoes. His superkix.com site was the Internet’s first and only online sneaker search engine. Debate him all you want. This guy is a legend in the business.

Drucker’s All-Time Greatest Sneakers

10. Converse Patent Hi Custom

Nowadays with the sneaker world just retro’ing all of the old sneakers, its hard to find a rare and unique pair. So when you can’t afford some red bottom Rick Ross wearing Christian Louboutin’s, you make your own. Find some local shop for cheap labor and let them use that noodle to create a one of a kind sneaker.

9. Agassi Nike Air Tech Challenge Hybrid

Image is everything. Before he was smashing Brooke Shields and taking photos all over the world for Canon, Andre Agassi rocked these bad boys on the court. This style was a first of its kind in the tennis world. Soon enough his super athlete baby from Steffi Graf will be dominating the competition.

8. Custom Solelites

I have only seen these shoes online, but hopefully by me shamelessly promoting them, AJ can help me get a pair. These shoes are AMAZING. He can customize your shoes with these lights on the bottom to stay on or work as you walk. Great way to find the bathroom in a dark bar or confuse a cop during a field sobriety test.

7. Nike Air Max 95 Miami Edition

Being from the Magic City, Dade County Miami Florida I always have to rep a pair of unique sneaks when I leave the 305. Air Max 95’s are one of the most popular Nike signature shoes. I’m glad Nike gave some love to the city with the 2 largest strip clubs in the world. Tootsies and the King of Diamonds.

6. Nike SB What the Dunks

No you aren’t high or drunk (wait, if you are reading this at work you might actually be one or the other). Either way do not adjust your eyes. This is a matching pair of shoes. Nike Skateboarding took the best parts of all their most limited shoes and made a quilt like shoe. Extremely rare pair.

5. Adidas Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear

No, these aren’t a new toy from Petsmart and don’t let your dog get to your new $200 retail plush sneaks. Lil Wayne and myself were the first to have them a couple of New Years ago. From the eccentric line of Jeremy Scott, these are rated PG compared to the rest of his stuff. These kixs are a definite chick magnet or make you look like a creepy pedophile outside of a playground.

4. Nike Air Mag

As hideous looking this shoe is, you know you would love it in your closet. Everyone in the world is a Back to the Future fan. They light up, but don’t tie themselves. Nike released these via Ebay to raise money for Parkinson’s research. If you got that A-Rod money they could be yours. Hooverboard not included.

3. Converse Aero Jam Grand Mama

Only a large black man with one gold tooth could get away with being the NBA’s best cross dresser until Dennis Rodman entered the league. These shoes were sick. Especially the colorway and that his teammate was Muggsy Bogues. Thanks Grandmama!

2. Nike Air Diamond Turf

Two sport athletes were always under rated back in the day. Whether it was Deion Sanders, Bo Jackson, Brian Jordan, or Charlie Ward; these guys pushed their bodies like no other and showed some huge balls at what they did. These pansies nowadays would never take a chance at playing two sports.

1. Jordan XI Concord

These are the holy grails to most Nike Air Jordan fans. These are the shoes that got me into the sneaker game. I remember skipping school and going to Footlocker to get these. That was back when Jordans came out on Tuesdays like new music CDs. Nothing like picking up a pair of J’s and a CD of a random Master P artist he just signed off the street. These are also OK on people’s feet at weddings and bar mitzvahs.

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