Kate Upton Just Won’t Stop, Now Unleashing These Yankees Hat Photos


REMEMBER THAT KATE UPTON VIDEO FROM THIS AFTERNOON WHERE SHE’S DOING THE CAT DADDY? YEAH, WELL NOW WE HAVE PHOTOS FROM THE TERRY RICHARDSON PHOTOSHOOT TO COMPLIMENT THAT INSANE VIDEO. ARE WE SHOUTING? OH, SORRY. Look, you guys keep clicking, we keep posting. Of course there is room for another hot chick to come in & steal a little of Upton’s thunder.

Are there hotter chicks out there on Miami street corners? Are there hotter chicks strolling around Columbus Circle as one of our Twitter friends once claimed? Of course! But those women don’t have a portfolio that’s knocking on our door.

Are you hotter than Kate Upton? Is your wife, GF, lesbian lover hotter than Kate Upton? Step up. We’re giving you the chance to prove yourself. Bring it.


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