Blue Jays Fan Pulls A Paulina Gretzky Last Night Against Rangers [VIDEO]


What the hell is going on this year with fans sitting behind home plate at MLB games? Yes, baseball is on a solid two-year run of wackiness happening nearly every night in the fan department, but you just had a mooning the other night and now we get this Blue Jays broad. Yes, she has her legs in the air. Yes, her hands are holding her feet. Yes, the Blue Jays pitcher has to concentrate while this folly is going on behind the umpire. 

One day Paulina Gretzky is spreading her legs and suddenly Canada can’t contain itself. What the hell is wrong with you people?

Posted: April 30, 2012

Premise of Video: Looks like the 7th inning. We’d go into our account and HD video of this but MLB will instantly block it so this is what you’re left with. Great eyes from Rangers fan who didn’t waste time uploading. Sorry, brah, MLB will be coming for your ass by lunch.

Climax of Video: Well, it’s not every game you see some broad grabbing her feet. That’s pretty climatic.

Conclusion: At the very end of the video it appears she is about to take a pull off a beer. There for a minute we thought Regina was pulling this stunt completely sober.

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