An Erin Andrews’ Autographed White House Correspondents’ Dinner Program Will Cost You $60


That didn’t take long. Three days, that’s all it took before some memoribilia dealer threw this autographed White House correspondents’ dinner program on eBay for some idiot to drop $60 on. YES, it’s autographed by Erin Andrews. This is the point where we try to figure out who’s the bigger loser: the guy who stood there with a dinner menu waiting to get it autographed or the guy who buys this off eBay for $60?

Of course we don’t blame EA for firing off some slurred autographs for the sad sacks blowing off a Saturday night waiting around for autographs.

Personally, the Erin Andrews autographed baseball is much more appealing to us. You know, because nothing looks cooler in the study than a Pageviews baseball. $80 down the drain!

[Buy the Erin Andrews signed White House menu]

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