WTF Was Going On With Erin Andrews Dress At The White House Correspondents’ Dinner?

Normally we’d just leave Erin Andrews alone and not talk about her attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner unless she was drunk or sucking neck with Bob Schieffer. But then Pageviews goes and prods us to post something about this ridiculous dress she wore Saturday night in D.C. Head to knees everything seems to be in order and very White House dinner-y. And then the wild ass action gets rolling on the red carpet.

Know how to get stupid attention on the red carpet? Wear something that is a cross between 25 dead crows and a Puli.

Erin reports:

So far my dress wins for the most stepped on…here u can see why!!!

Oh, Erin.

Is it too hard to wear something not so ridiculous or is it a requirement for the 30-and-over single sideline reporters to slip into something that looks like a dog is humping her leg? For God’s sake, she brought her dad to the event.

At least keep this in the closet until you have a member of the NY Rangers taking you to the WH event. Why waste it on your dad?