Judge Warren Sapp TV Show Pays Audience $50 To Show Up For Tapings

As mentioned in the Daily Dump, Warren Sapp has moved on from his gig at the NFL Network to the frontier of TV court judge. No, we’re not kidding. This is the real deal. He’s really going to be a judge on your television at some point very soon. Again, not kidding. The former NFLer joins the likes of Judge Joe Brown, Judge Judy, Judge Greg Mathis, etc. How serious is this situation? A production company paid people to sit in Sapp’s court this weekend. 

According to OnSet Productions, taping of Judge Sapp took place Saturday. Audience members, usually willing to waste time at a judge show just to be on TV, were actually compensated.

This is a PAID AUDIENCE of $50 Cash, paid same day to attend this show. Must be 18 and over to apply and available for 6 hours. Each shift is listed to the left.

Description- As a studio audience member, you will be watching and reacting to court cases as presiding Judge Warren Sapp decides who is right and wrong. You will be ON CAMERA.

Of course slackers were super pumped for the easy cash. No word on if and when Judge Sapp will make its TV debut.

Were you part of the Judge Sapp tapings? In the audience for the show? Do you have a photo of yourself with Judge Sapp? We want to hear all about it.