Floyd Mayweather Reportedly Won $1.8 Million Via Clippers Comeback Last Night

Now, before you start screaming that this is just some stupid wild rumor and no human would put $1.8 million on a first-round NBA game, realize that Floyd Mayweather’s track record speaks for itself. For example, Money has bet $150,000 on the Little Caesars Bowl. But what’s odd about this tweet last night from Twitter sports badboy Incarcerated Bob is that Floyd isn’t known to brag about his bets until they’re winners. Think he was sweating down 21? 

The Grizz were up 27 (twice) in the third quarter and had a 21-point lead in the 4th. Oh, did we mention the home team score 13 4th Q. points. Final score: Clippers 99-98.

Good for Floyd. We figure that money will be put to good use on some sort of 2nd half Knicks-Heat bet later tonight.

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