America’s Former Hottest Soccer Player Margo Mcauley Is Now An Axe Girl! [PHOTOS]

Way back in 2009 Busted Coverage introduced the Internet to a Florida State soccer player named Margo Mcauley. It was just one of our normal hot chick posts. Nothing special. She had about a dozen bikini photos and a great tan. That was then. Last night we received an email tipping us off to the news that Margo is now one of the Axe girls and that a new commercial will feature the former Florida State soccer player sweating & playing with a soccer ball.

It’s unclear where this commercial will be shown, but a good guess would be Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and maybe Romania. That seems to be a solid testing ground to see if men will react to Margo’s soccer skills.

Don’t mind us, we’ll just be over here patting ourselves on the back for having the foresight to know a future superstar all those years ago. Best talent evaluators in the sports blogging business. Will probably put that on our new business cards.