Paulina Gretzky Partying In Vegas This Weekend Looks Like Drunken Good Time

Oh, poor Wayne Gretzky. His daughter, Paulina, is in Vegas this weekend partying like a champ at Tao Beach and one of her friends goes and uploads a semi-SFW crotch shot to Instagram. The rest is history. We’re pretty sure Paulina and girlfriends were in town for a bachelorette party. Like it really matters. What matters at the end of the day is that this chick is just as crazy as you thought – and then some.

Remember how Wayne reportedly killed off Paulina’s Twitter account? Gotta figure Paulina’s friend will be getting a phone call to say she’s no longer welcome to party with Paulina. Good work, @jew_stine. Just what the Internet needed to get the week off to a great start.

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