Nicole Marquez Is Red Sox Chick In Yankee Stadium Fan Fight Video

By now half of America is aware of the Red Sox fan getting kicked in the face during a wild fan fight Friday night at Yankee Stadium. Thanks to the sleuth work of Joe N. we now know the name of Red Sox Chick. Say hello to Nicole Marquez. Ironically, she’s going to school at the New York Institute of Technology and playing softball for the school. Don’t get greedy, she only has four public photos on her Facebook account from her trip to enemy territory. 

Not usually the best move uploading pics from the night you got rocked by a Yankees chick & her boot to the face, but to each his own.

Nicole’s Profile:

• From Tucson

• 2008 high school graduate

Led NYIT this season with 5 dongs & 17 RBI; .283 avg

• She’s an outfielder

• Favorite athlete: Reggie Bush

• Likes Jersey Shore

Here is Nicole outside Yankee Stadium Friday night before the mayhem. We’re pretty sure the chick with Nicole that was scrapping is also a teammate at NYIT.

Red Sox Chick Kicked In Face During Fan Fight Last Night At Yankee Stadium [VIDEOS]