You Know How We Know This Broad Doesn’t Like Rangers Baseball? That’s A Kindle!


Rangers fan @millers_life sent word this afternoon that he was at last night’s game against Tampa Bay and that he was so profoundly angered by this woman that we needed to see her in action. “Bottom of the 8th, Tex down 4 w the bases loaded last night. 16 rows behind home plate,” Scott writes. We’re not experts on the e-readers but that sure looks like a Kindle to us. Look, ladies, can you just act like you give two shits about that game? It’s the bottom of 8 for God’s sake.

The really sad part about this scenario is that you know homeboy wants to stand and scream for a game-tying slam donger. However, he also knows that if he does that and leaves his chick reading her book, sex will be out of the equation for like 7-8 weeks. At least July 4th.

We pray Evan, or whatever his name is, hasn’t married this chick yet because he’s in for a miserable 8-10 years before the divorce and her ass running off with some loaded asshole and getting Evan’s child support.

Guys, if your chick has resorted to reading books while the bases are loaded, you need to start surfing buddies Facebook friends for some baseball road beef. The broad doesn’t need to necessarily give two shits about the game. She just has to be capable of not embarrassing you.

And when you go to her stupid movies you have to act interested and laugh at the punchlines. Fair is fair.

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