Cam Newton’s New Condo Purchase Proves How Brilliant This Guy Is [PHOTOS]


While the rest of the football world is gushing over Andrew Luck and RGIII, our guy Cam Newton just keeps going about his business. The guy doesn’t bother with the clubs, dirty chicks dragging his name through the meat grinder or make dumb purchases that’ll Hoover vac his paycheck. Charlotte media types went nuts yesterday over the news that Cam has closed on a $1.6 million condo. His neighbor? Michael Jordan.

Sure, we’re a little biased since BC owns the Cam Newton BCS game pants, hence our desire for this guy to win like 6 Super Bowls. The decisions this guy makes will be directly reflected in the value of those pants. If homeboy ends up broke like Warren Sapp, he loses luster. If he goes about his business, wins titles and marries some famous TV star, those pants have to be worth $10-12K, right?

So the first step in Newton going down the perfect path was buying a condo in The Trust building. This residence is huge, has a view and he can share chef dinners with Jordan. We’re talking 3,200 sq. ft. Fish tanks. Open concept. Exposed ceilings. The key to this purchase: no stupid amounts of land to maintain. Oh, and lack of garage space prevents purchasing stupid cars you don’t need.

Easily the smartest & economical young QB in the game. The value of those BCS pants climb by the day.

[HT: Guyism]   [Photos via WCNS 36 – Charlotte]

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