Nose Picker At 2012 World Snooker Championship Eats It [VIDEO]

Again, would I really care about the 2012 World Snooker Championships if it wasn’t for a dirty scumbag picking his nose on live TV? Nope. And normally this video would get passed over all together because nose picking at sporting events doesn’t move the needle like it did in 2009. But there’s bonus footage to this one. Nose Picker Guy decides to munch on his pay dirt. That’s right, finger coyly moves to the mouth.



Posted: April 25, 2012

Premise of Video: The BBC was going about its business this week at the world championships. Not kidding, these snooker players have been battling each other all week. Proof. Anyway, the coverage catches our attention when Nose Picker Guy gets down to bidness.

Climax of Video: Just look how fast he engulfs that boog. Insane speed.

Conclusion: Do I think this guy has ever been laid? No chance. Ever seen a chick naked in person. Gotta think he’s hit a strip club possibly once or twice. Most of the time these goofy bastards are the biggest customers at the porn and peep shops. Maybe he hit Amsterdam for Red Light action. $50 handjob? Could very well have happened.

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