Maurice Clarett Drops Twitter F-Bomb Right On Mel Kiper’s Poofy Head; Albom Angry, Too

Remember Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett, the guy who challenged the NFL to eliminate the three-year rule for players entering the draft? He was watching ESPN last night and live tweeting the proceedings. The one thing Mo still isn’t good with these days is switching TV channels. As hard as it may seem to believe, we’re kinda in agreement on this one. Why does Kiper always have to be so damn mean to these instantly rich kids. Pretty much a dick move. 

While everyone is bashing Clarett for speaking the truth, Kiper was saying the Lions’ new lineman, Riley Reiff, has short arms. That set off Mitch Albom.

Reiff is considered a top player, well-schooled by his coach, Kirk Ferentz, and certainly decent sized at 6-feet-5, 313 pounds. His fans say he’s solid. His critics say he’s not the strongest or fastest guy. And Mel Kiper is worried he has short arms.

Honestly. Short arms.

If I have to listen to Kiper five more minutes, I’ll blow up the TV set.

See, Clarett isn’t as crazy as you thought. The man obviously turned the corner after sitting in jail for all those years. Someone get this guy a Roger Goodell hug – NOW!


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