Hottest Dance Teams Of The 2012 NBA Playoffs


The NBA Playoffs get started Saturday with the 76ers traveling to Chicago for a 1:30 tip against the Bulls, followed by the Knicks playing in Miami against the odds-on-favorite to win the 2012 NBA Championship. has Lebron and the Heat as 2/1 favorites and Chicago as 4/1 to win it all. This also marks a cheerleading milestone for certain units. How about the Los Angeles Clippers dance team finally working into May, a first since ’05-06. 

Who’ll win it all? The Heat. Why? Because Oklahoma City doesn’t scare us in a seven-game series that Lebron can absolutely not lose this season. If he fails to win or even get to the championship game, expect the Miami situation to dissolve this offsesaon. Lebron could return to free agency after the 2014 season.

That said, the sleeper is San Antonio. Why? They can score.

NBA Playoffs News & Analysis – Fox Sports

First-Round Opponent: Denver Nuggets   Odds To Win NBA Title: 15/1

First-Round Opponent: Memphis Grizzlies   Odds To Win NBA Title: 35/1

First-Round Opponent: New York Knicks   Odds To Win NBA Title: 2/1

First-Round Opponent: Miami Heat   Odds To Win NBA Title: 40/1

First-Round Opponent: Oklahoma City Thunder   Odds To Win NBA Title: 45/1

First-Round Opponent: Los Angeles Lakers   Odds To Win NBA Title: 90/1

First-Round Opponent: Dallas Mavericks   Odds To Win NBA Title: 9/2

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