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You Think Troy Aikman Is Thinking What I’m Thinking About Lauren Tannehill?

Just what Miami needs, another hot chick import coming to town to blast us with bikini ass shots. Of course Ryan Tannehill gets drafted by the Dolphins tonight and of course ESPN figures out a way to get Lauren into as many shots of Ryan as possible. He’s a complete bore, but she’s a complete smokebomb who has been destroying NYC this week at a couple of dinners such as this one with Troy Aikman. You gotta see what she wore to dinner last night.

The photo below is from the Pat Dye dinner that was held last night in the city. Dye is Tannehill’s agent. Um, we’ve seen the future of wives in the NFL and Lauren Tannehill goes straight to the top of the heap.

Somebody cue the international tabloid paparazzi photogs.

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