WAGs Of NFL Draft: Hooters Girl Sarah Hinton Is Garrett Celek’s Girlfriend [PHOTOS]

First of all, thanks to a BC tipster who wishes to remain anonymous for the intel that led us to the news that Hooters girl Sarah Hinton is a Michigan State graduate was in the running for Miss Hooters 2012. Secondary to the tip was that she just happens to be the girlfriend of NFL Draft hopeful TE Garrett Celek (brother Brent plays TE for Eagles). Of course BC is your home for WAGs of the NFL Draft as we have been for the last five years.

How did all the puzzle pieces fit together on this one? Simple, Garrett’s father, Steve, tweeted out that Sarah could use some help winning the Miss Hooters competition. That was in 2010. How this slipped through the cracks of the Michigan State message boards is beyond our comprehension. Stunning.

Anyway, soon we’ll be able to update our WAGs of the NFL standings because it looks like Garrett will be getting drafted thanks to his performance at this week’s Michigan State pro day. According to NFL.com: Celek, “surprised everyone and is a lot more athletic than people originally thought. He’s a third-day selection.”

So the next time Todd McShay or one of the windbags on ESPN is asked to name a guy skyrocketing up draft boards, scream into the TV for your team to draft Celek. You get a 6-4, 250 lb. TE who runs a 4.69 and has a Hooters bikini model girlfriend. Just imagine all the charity these two will raise during his 4-5 year career.

Sadly, Sarah lost in the 2nd round of the Hooters Dream Girl Aruba 2012 competition. Let’s hope an NFL team makes amends in April.

Sarah Hinton WAGs Of NFL Draft Highlights:

• Michigan State graduate

• Aspiring photographer

• Talented graphic designer

• Shoots guns, bows

• Only has 256 Twitter followers, get in early! ‏ @sarahj_hinton

Drinks Summer Shandy!

• Has a chocolate lab

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