Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Draft Clichés: High Motor, Upside Potential & Fluid Hips

Remember when ESPN would broadcast the NFL Draft on Saturday and your father would try to sneak a peak at the ticker between cutting the grass and changing the oil in his car? Times have obviously changed. We’re now being bombarded with every cliché in the NFL Draft book because the talking heads, such as John Clayton, are really cyborgs.

So what kind of clichés would we attach to the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders? Believe us, there will come a day when NFL cheerleader tryouts resemble NFL drafts. Revenue streams will dry up and this will be the new frontier.

Who’ll be the Mel Kiper of NFL cheerleader tryouts? Someone who can use at least 2-3 clichés in each sentence. Prepare your brain. It’s about to be overloaded.

2012 NFL Draft |  Coverage begins on NFL Network at 7:30 | Fri. at 7  | Sat. Noon

Cheerleader: Melissa Kellerman   Draft Cliche: High motor

Cheerleader: Kelsi Reich   Draft Cliche: Fluid hips

Cheerleader: Brooke Sorenson-Nix   Draft Cliche: Translates well to next level

Cheerleader: Sydney Durso   Draft Cliche: Always seems to be falling forward

Cheerleader: Emily Kuchar-Greinke   Claim To Fame: Has all the intangibles

Cheerleader: Sunni Cranfill   Claim To Fame: Tremendous upside potential