What Round Would You Draft Kate Upton As Your 4th String QB? [30 PHOTOS]


Enter the dream scenario world we live in at times. Saints make their 7th round pick and send a giant f-you to King Roger Goodell by filling out the stupid little card with the name Kate Upton, QB.  Look, let’s all agree that the 4th QB on any roster is the biggest waste of flesh in sports. A team would sign Trent Dilfer to a deal and throw his old ass out to the wolves before they’d put in the 4th QB.

Just think of the Kate Upton QB marketing scenario. Endless. 

So there she was this morning on Fox & Friends, throwing a football for Axe (no, they didn’t have to pitch this post idea to us) with Jason Pierre-Paul. Blah, blah, blah. Marketing crap, just a different day.

Anyway, here’s how we’d draft and use Kate Upton as our 4th QB. You know how NFL teams reveal a new uni each year to get your ass to buy the new uni because these teams, like, need new revenue streams? Yeah, well Mario Williams wouldn’t be on the podium. It would be Kate in the uni, holding a clipboard, eye black, dirty pants. Of course the jersey would be one size too small.

We were at the Super Bowl media whorefest when Madonna did her press conference. We know what moves the needle at these events. Chicks and boobs. Even old racks like Madonna get attention. Lots of it.

What else would Kate Upton do as the 4th QB? She’d be the team’s designated guest judge for the cheerleader tryouts and would be required to attend the cheerleader bikini shoot in Cancun.

So worth a 7th round draft pick.

[Fox & Friends]

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