Quite Possibly The Sh*ttiest NCAA Sand Volleyball Interview In Television History


Nope, this isn’t some intern bro from ESPNU interviewing Dagnija Medina (6-0, Latvia) of the North Florida University sand volleyball program. It’s just some guy who actually uploaded this clip to his YouTube portfolio. Not kidding, you have to see it to believe it. Remember how sand volleyball was supposed to be the next big craze in college sports? Yeah, not happening.

Instead, the ladies are being interviewed by Beef for the student TV news channel.

Posted: April 8, 2011

Premise of Video: Dagnija really is competing in this weekend’s sand volleyball national championships. Besides a few parents and friends, nobody really cares about NCAA sand volleyball because the coverage sucks. But Andy is out to change that trend. He’s going straight to the volleyball courts to find out how the sand volleyball season is going.

Climax of Video: It’s a complete trainwreck. You figure it out.

Conclusion: Yes, this interview was last year. Can we find any other media for this weekend’s championship competition? No. Just when you’d figure a local TV station would have one of their goofball reporters getting volleyballs drilled off his melon, those videos don’t exist. Instead, sand volleyball is left with Andy’s portfolio piece.

For those of you who happen to be in Gulf Shores, go see the event and send us a full report.

2012 AVCA Sand Volleyball National Championship
April 27-29 | Gulf Shores, Ala.
Pool Designations

Pool 1
Aurora Newgard-Brittany Tiegs (Florida State)
Jane Croson-Ashley Lee– (Hawai’i)
Haleigh Hampton-Libby Fontanilla (Long Beach State)
Emily Shelton-Kelly Kolich (College of Charleston)

Pool 2
Caitlin Racich-Summer Ross (Pepperdine)
Kirby Burnham-Kelly Irvin (USC)
Joanne Tate-Alessia Pizzocheri (Florida Atlantic)
Gallhager/Thomas (UAB)

Pool 3
Caitlin Ledoux-Tara Roenicke (Long Beach State)
Lilla Frederick-Kim Hill (Pepperdine)
Elyse Chubb-Lizzie Theesfeld (College of Charleston)
Kaley Melville-Julie Bassett (Stetson)

Pool 4
Sara Shaw-Geena Urango (USC)
Jace Pardon-Jekaterina Stepanova (Florida State)
Elizabeth Stoltzman-Emily Hartong (Hawai’i)
Dagnija Medina-Emily Strack (North Florida)

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