Playboy’s Miss May Nikki Leigh Wants To Meet Blake Griffin, Says He’s “A Stud” [5 Questions]


Dispatch via Busted Coverage’s star interviewer Joseph Student:

May is a big month for Nikki Leigh. The native of Cypress, Calif. graduates from California State University, Fullerton and she gets to travel the country on a promotional tour.

That’s because Nikki Leigh is also Playboy’s May 2012 Playmate of the Month. The issue is on newsstands and

“It’s going well, but the attention is sort of mind-boggling,” Leigh, 23, said from just north of Los Angeles prior to an appearance on Playboy Radio on Wednesday afternoon.

“People don’t know who I am at first, but my friends will tell them ‘Do you know who you are talking to right now?’ People act differently when they find out I am a Playmate.’

We bet.

Playmate Nikki Leigh told us all about meeting Jeremy Piven, crushing on Blake Griffin and reading her dad’s Playboy’s at age 13.

Which famous or well-known people have you met since being named a Playmate?

“I met (hip-hop artist) Bobby Brackins. He’s really sweet in person. He’s super humble. I also met Jeremy Piven. He was awesome.”

Interesting. He has a reputation of being, uh, not awesome.

“Oh my God. So not the case. We were in a crowd and I asked if I could get a photo with him. So he does it, but it totally ruined it for him because then everyone else in the crowd wanted a photo and started asking for a picture with him. …I apologized for getting him into all that, and he was just really nice and kept talking to me once he saw that I was so apologetic. Because I was nice to him, he was really nice to me.”
Well, the fact that you are a Playmate might have enticed him to keep talking longer…. Pauly Shore is a notorious flirt toward Playmates, too. Has he been hitting on you?

“I have not had the pleasure of having that happen, yet. Can you shout him out for me? Then I can tell you what he’s all about.”

Do you root for any sports teams – L.A.- based or otherwise?

Hell yeah! I love the Angels; that’s my baseball team. I love the Chargers; my dad has season tickets. And, of course, I love my Lakers. I go to their games all the time. I just got these purple pants for the games…The Clippers are doing their thing, too with Blake Griffin. He’s incredible.”

Has Blake Griffin or any of the Clippers or Lakers asked for your number?

“I think I have to walk around the court for that. I need better seats…. Blake Griffin is kind of amazing. He just sort of stands there and flashes that quirky smile and people are drawn to him. …I’d love to meet him. Can you hook that up?”

We’ll see what we can do. Maybe we can Tweet him in your direction. Is it fair to say you have a crush on Blake Griffin?

“He’s a stud. The way he’s carrying himself and his demeanor is sort of breath of fresh air. So, yeah, I do have a crush on his allure.”

Your bio mentions you looking at your dad’s Playboys when you were age 13. Were you turned on or just curious?

“Even younger (than 13). I was a nosy child. At that age, I am not sure I knew what it was to be ‘turned on.’ I don’t know how I reacted, just that I was drawn to the experience.”

There are no naked guys in Playboy, but can you remember the first  guy you saw naked and your reaction?

‘Let’s see…I really don’t remember.”

Really? Wow. You just crushed some guy….Wait. You have seen a man naked, right?

“Yes. Some guys are very impressive when naked. They should just walk around like that.”

Your dad knew you read his Playboys. What was his reaction when he found out you’d be a Playmate?

“I kept it to myself for awhile. I told my mom and my brother, but I waited to tell my dad over dinner at a gathering; it was my brother’s birthday. I introduced it by saying I thought it was an honor and I hoped he’d be happy for me, and I just said ‘I am going to be a Playmate.'”


“He went into shock. Then he gathered his thoughts – my brother said ‘ You can’t be mad at her; she used to tell people all the time that she wanted to be in Playboy.’ And, I did say that.
“Finally, my dad said ‘I know it’s an honor and I was a subscriber but, but …’ And then he said the f-word. But, he was happy for me.”

You’ll have to get extra copies of the issue for his next Chargers’ game.

“I’d love that. I hope everyone sees it. I am very proud of my pictorial and so is he.”

Playboy’s May 2012 Playmate of the Month Nikki Leigh will host a party at the Roxbury in Hollywood on Friday, April 27. You probably have no shot at getting in, but you can follow her on Twitter (!/nikkileighxo) or fan her on Facebook (

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