Our Message To MLB For Blocking The :40 Jim Knox Video [VIDEO]


Since we now know the MLB video goons are reading Busted Coverage on a daily basis, it would be the perfect time to tell you assholes how nice you are for blocking yesterday’s Jim Knox video. You do realize that Jim Knox is like your Jerry Seinfeld, right? You do realize Jim Knox doing crazy shit in the stands causes people to watch games.

Keeps them hooked through the 8th inning for his Fan of the Game promotion. Right?

Little did we know that a :40 video of Jim Knox holding a 100-pound baby would destroy your product. You do realize bloggers posting :40 clips that don’t show shit going on with the actual game helps create buzz for your aging sport, right?

You know what I did a couple weeks ago? Went back to where I played Little League from about 5 years old until I was 15. I thought that park was created by God. Four baseball fields tucked into rolling hills with a streaming running through the middle of the park. The 10-12-year-olds played on a field with a mini Green Monster in right field. The stands would be packed to watch 12-year-olds play on that field. I can still remember the home run hitters who could clear the Monster and the trees behind it. I can still remember the home run hitters who could drill a baseball onto the tennis courts behind left field.

The place was euphoric. The smells. The kids screaming. Parents cheering. Not a parking spot to be had. We’re talking the mid-1980s to early 1990s. Professional baseball was still king. Baseball cards were the craze. Kids still had dreams of leaving small-town Ohio for the big leagues.

That Little League had players go on to sign with professional teams. All we could think of for 10 years was playing ball, hitting the concession stand for a post-game drink and doing it all again tomorrow.

Those days are gone. History. The league can barely pay the bills. The fields are a complete mess. The bridge that crossed the creek has been destroyed and not replaced. Kids are no longer on the fields. The kids are no longer collecting the baseball cards or filling out sticker books.

I drove through the park and just noticed a time gone by. The fences are rusted. The dugouts in shambles. The Green Monster looks like 50 years of wear are taking its toll. On a decent April afternoon there were only two kids playing ball in the massive park. We’re talking about a Little League program that is the oldest in Ohio. Multiple state championships.

There used to be nothing like Opening Day at Hardscrabble Little League. Coming down that hill to grandparents lining the road. Hundreds of people lining that road. Players walked all the way to that old bridge where they’d cross and walk onto the 12-year-old field with the Green Monster.

As mentioned, the bridge is gone and so is baseball’s hope to ever regain what once was.

And yet MLB still sweats a :40 video of Jim Knox and Rangers fans on a Monday night being posted on Busted Coverage. Other MLB videos we’ve uploaded have been blocked to U.S. viewers. None of them has to do with the product on the field.

Good job, MLB. Keep killing the messengers.

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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