Let’s See MLB Block This #RangersRack From @RangersGirl36 [PHOTOS]


It’s going to be one of those days around here. We’re pissed off at MLB and have decided to push the envelope. The MLB goons don’t want you watching :40 videos of off-the-field action so we’ll go a different route and show you what @RangersGirl36 sent us last night. Yet another #RangersRack submission. That’s right, MLB, we’re promoting your asses via boobs.

You know what gets more buzz than that stupid show with Kevin Millar?


You know what those old coots at MLB don’t know much about? How to create buzz on the Internet with great Texas Rangers fan boobs. Leave that to us, boys. We’ll keep asking the ladies to splatter your logos across their chests.

Enjoy the free advertising.

*BTW, fellas, go follow RangersGirl36. One of the rising stars on Twitter. She’s a good time.

**Ladies, are you a Rangers fan who wants in on the #RangersRack competition? Send in your submissions.


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