Is Bank Robbing Red Sox Fan A Moron For Showing His Sox Tat? [Cuff ‘Em]


Must say we don’t get too many bank robberies where a superfan goes with a tattoo and corresponding baseball hat. But that’s exactly what Red Sox fan pulled off in this robbery. Hispanic bro just doesn’t care. Police can use that tattoo to identify him all they want. Gotta catch him first. Look, wearing long sleeves is the obvious play here. Maybe it’s a henna. Would this idiot be that smart? Our guess is no. 

The Sun Chronicle (Attleboro, MA) has the details on Little Ortiz:

In the local robbery, a Hispanic-appearing man wearing a blue plaid shirt, a Boston Red Sox baseball cap and sunglasses, was depicted on a bank surveillance photo released by police. The man appears to have a Red Sox tattoo on his right forearm.

The man passed a note to the teller at Mansfield Bank on West Main Street near Norton Middle School, demanding money and indicating he had a weapon, police said. He also gave the teller a plastic bag for the money. No weapon was shown, police said.

“This is a robbery, I have a weapon, No Dye packs,” the suspect said, according to information published on the law enforcement websites Rhode Island Most Wanted and Mass Most Wanted.

If that’s a real tat this one should be cut and dry. Be on the lookout for a Red Sox forearm tat and your ass could be drinking for free this summer via the FBI awards program. Beats the hell out of working OT.

[Sun Chronicle]

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