Here’s Andrew Luck Colts Jersey Guy Playing Craps Today At Bill’s In Las Vegas [PHOTOS]


Of course this will now become the biggest bro look in Vegas history. You’ll have 40 of these guys at the World Series of Poker. Guarantee you’ll see two or three assholes wearing these at the Excalibur 6-5 BJ tables. Our Las Vegas correspondent, @ThirsTSmith, sent a couple photos to us this afternoon of Andrew Luck Jersey Guy throwing the bones at the Bill’s craps table.

Too early?Not for idiots from the Midwest. You know the guy. Straight off the plane from Indy. Direct flight. Drank six Jack & Cokes on the plane. Staying at Luxor because of the $59 weekday rate and $149 Saturday price. Doesn’t play at the Luxor because they lack a $5 BJ table. Andrew Luck Jersey Guy rolls straight to Bill’s and ruins the place.

There’s like one final hell hole on the strip where you can enter smelling not too bad and leave smelling like someone pissed on you. And Andrew Luck Guy is on his way to make the place his.

Shouldn’t there be a rule that you can’t wear an NFL jersey until that guy actually plays in a game? Is that too much to ask of a guy who looks like he’s 54?

Do you have a Vegas photo we need to see? Have you seen Andrew Luck Jersey Guys in the wild? Send them in.

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