Guess That MLB Halloween Sack


Of course it’s Evan Longoria as Spartacus at Sunday’s Halloween in April party after the Rays 6-2 victory over Minnesota. With an off-day on Monday, the Rays took advantage. We’re talking a Red Bull DJ booth because Longoria is now sponsored by Red Bull. We warned you guys the Edmondson-Longoria relationship would yield classic WAG-related material. Best combo in the game.

Remember yesterday how we told you Kevin Youkilis impregnated Julie Brady and then married her on his off-day last week? Yeah, he’s miserable. The guy used to wear goggles and pour beer on his bald head. He was the Youk. Happy go lucky. Now he’s batting .200 (two hits last night) and seemingly miserable with Bobby V. and has a baby on the way.

Meanwhile, Longoria is 26 and living with Edmondson. He’s batting .339 and dressing up like Spartacus on his off-day. This speaks for itself.

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