What, This PA Baseball Coach Pulling A Gun On A Parent Is A Big Deal? [Cuff ‘Em]

Obviously stupid ass parents in Pennsylvania don’t understand that Babe Ruth league baseball is important to John Zahradnik. Do you want your son coached by a guy who’ll just let umpires get away with shitty calls that cost your team a game? Or do you want a guy like John Z.? A guy who’ll allegedly try to run over an umpire? You want to go to war with guys like John Z. Kicking dirt on home just ain’t getting the job done, America. 

Supposedly cops are all angry with John over this umpire and parent incident. This sounds like a Babe Ruth witch-hunt.

A coach from the Valley View Babe Ruth League team, John Zahradnik, 39, 414 Jenna Kay Drive, Archbald, began arguing with an umpire over a call he disagreed with during the game at the Colliery Baseball Field off of Colliery Avenue, according to a criminal complaint.

An “irate” Mr. Zahradnik then turned to parents in the crowd at the game and started yelling at them until a woman approached him and the two argued, according to the complaint.

At that point, Jose Irizarry, a witness at the scene, got between Mr. Zahradnik and the unidentified woman, according to the complaint.

After an argument, Mr. Irizarry picked up his baseball equipment and headed to his vehicle.

Mr. Zahradnik then allegedly got into his pickup truck and nearly hit Mr. Irizarry before exiting the vehicle, throwing Mr. Irizarry to the ground and punching him, according to the complaint.

While Mr. Irizarry ran to his own vehicle, Mr. Zahradnik shouted that he had a gun and reached into his truck and pulled out a handgun, according to the complaint.

We checked. John Z. is supposedly a Penn State grad. Another black eye for that proud institution. Sad, sad, sad.

Look, the lesson here is that you sometimes get a baseball coach that’s just more passionate than the pussy fans who just want their kids to find an activity that gets them away from the TV. However, do you want your kid just going through the motions or be a winner? John Z. cranks out winners because he cares. Guarantee this guy has never had a losing season. Ever.

[Coach charged with pulling handgun on parent after dispute with umpire]