Molly Sullivan Is Your New 76ers Sideline Reporter [PHOTOS]

Our old friend Molly Sullivan (now ex-Mountain TV sideline reporter) has finally landed a big time East Coast job where sideline reporters become noticed instead of languishing in Las Vegas. We happened to be in the same Playboy fantasy football league with Molly last season with plenty of other C-listers. Little did we know that Meridith Marakovits would get called up to the YES Network & the 76ers would have a sideline opening. One thing leads to another and Molly gets the CSN job. Philly is on notice. 

What does this all mean in the grand scheme of sideline reporting? Not much other than the fact that Philly has kept up with the arms race. Boston’s NESN goes out and hires Jenny Dell for its baseball season. Big move. New blood. Notorious rack.

Of course CSN didn’t hire Sullivan for baseball, but something tells us there will be a few opportunities to get her into an interview with Victorino or Ryan Howard. It’s as if Sullivan was created for Philly. No problem being sexy, has toughness from being a distance swimmer, has done the Vegas thing so she knows how to handle meatheads.

Boom, throw her on the sidelines and bros will be glued to the TV. Guys, Molly’s resume is filled with honors from Playboy, as she was named the Sexiest Sportscaster in 2009. Adjust your DVR accordingly.

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