Is Sara Jean Underwood Getting Fat Or Is It Just Me? [PHOTOS]

Yes, you’ll be seeing this gallery today from all sorts of sites promoting Sara Jean Underwood’s appearance yesterday at the Encore Vegas Beach Club. Blah, blah, blah. Yes, women like Ms. Underwood are usually running from us at Encore. Yes, our bankroll isn’t even close to being large enough to play swim-up blackjack at this joint. Great pool, though. Anyway, is it us or is Sara Jean Underwood putting on a few.

That stomach getting a little doughy? Think about this for a second: Underwood is now 28. Jesus, that number makes us feel old. Seems like just yesterday she was at Oregon State and getting naked for Playboy. Of course these are the years where the champagne and late-night steak and eggs runs in Vegas start catching up with your ass.

Next thing you know there’s a bikini photoshoot at the Encore and the ass is getting a little droopy. Time to clean it up, Underwood. Get it together.