Drunken Rangers Fan With MLB Sideline Reporter Videobomb Of 2012 [VIDEO]

Poor Shannon Hogan. She was trying to get through another cold April afternoon while working the stands at another Tigers baseball game and then this happens. The Missouri grad does her best to give people perspective from the stands. But, drunken Rangers fan has to invade her space and treat this sideline reporter like her name is Jim Knox. Rock on, Rangers fan.

Give us some tongue. NOW. MORE! TONGUE! 

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: @Shannon_Hogan is going about her business as a ballpark sideline reporter. Her job is to go into the stands to ask people about the hot dogs, popcorn. Asking little kids about their favorite Tigers player is a must. Again, this is Detroit and Rangers fan has to be an idiot.

Climax of Video: Composure. Stay strong, Shannon. Don’t break. He’s still sticking out his tongue.

Conclusion: Texas won, 3-2, in 11. Again, we keep preaching it, these Rangers fans are the best/craziest fans in baseball. Sure, Phillies fans are great once it gets hot and they start fighting Mets fan, but Texas brings it night after night and on the road. Impressive start to the 2012 season.