Buy Seattle’s Kingdome Visitor’s Dugout – Only $7,500! Home Dugout – $12K!

Does your beer league need a new dugout that looks like a shipping container with benches and a bat rack? Are you nostalgic towards baseball at Seattle’s Kingdome? Specifically towards the opposing teams? We have a deal for you today. You can get on eBay right now and spend $7,500 for the entire visitor’s dugout from the Kingdome. Seriously, all of it. Yep, you even get those mall benches. You’re officially on your way towards building a MLB franchise. 

According to the seller:

This dugout was on the 1st base side in the Kingdome. The visitor dugout consists of five individual sections. Each section is between 13 and 18 feet long and 8 feet high and 7 feet deep. One of the sections has the doorway that lead into the visitor clubhouse. There is also the section that contains the helmet rack, bat racks and phone lines to the bullpen and press box. The tubes that held bats where stolen while this was in storage. It is a common pvc pipe that can be replaced. This section also contains a area for the tv cameras.

As you can see from the photos, the area for a TV camera is nothing more than a box cutout for the camera to fit through. The dome has been gone since March 2000 so you can imagine the benches aren’t in the best shape. Make offers accordingly.

The seller also owns the home dugout but is piecing it out. Just the bat rack and where Lou Pinella sat will run you $3,000. Buy the entire home dugout for $12,000.

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